The Desert Valley Orchid Society (DVOS) exists as a group where orchid lovers can meet to share experiences, tips, and guidance about growing orchids. We are in the Phoenix, Arizona area and share expertise on how to grow orchids in a desert environment. If you are new to Phoenix or just interested in our club, you are welcome to attend a meeting as a guest.
We meet monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Room 12 at 3641 N 56 St, Phoenix, AZ 85018 at 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm.   
Directions: From Indian School Rd, go north on 56 St. Take the first right and park in the first parking lot you see. Go to room number 12,
Visitors are always welcome !!
Our meetings are a lot of fun.  We have a great plant table where members display their blooming plants so you can see what is blooming in what part of the year so you can have a collection


Phal Memoria David Goo 'Garnet' AM_AOS (spike) (2).jpg
Phal Memoria David Goo 'Garnet' AM_AOS (spike) (2).jpg

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Bulb claptonense 7.26.14 #2.jpg
Bulb claptonense 7.26.14 #2.jpg

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BL Morning Glory 'Remar' HCCAOS 7.06.JPG
BL Morning Glory 'Remar' HCCAOS 7.06.JPG

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Phal Memoria David Goo 'Garnet' AM_AOS (spike) (2).jpg
Phal Memoria David Goo 'Garnet' AM_AOS (spike) (2).jpg

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of plants that will have something blooming all the time.  We also have a raffle where you can pick up some plants to take home.  Many times our speakers bring plants to sell.  


For beginners and advanced growers, you can bring in plants that you have questions about to see what you may do to improve their health or blooming.  Questions are always welcome and the speakers are a wealth of experience and information.  Please come join us !




        In August and on, we will be meeting in person. You can also view 

         meeting on our Facebook page.



        August 19, 2021 Repotting and orchid judging

        September 16,2021 Alan Koch

        October 21, 2021  Peter LIn

        November 18, 2021 Auction

        December 16, 20201 Holiday party

         January 20, 2022 Jason Fischer

         February 17, 2022  Linda Wilhelm - Warm growing Miltonias

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Shows and Special Events


 Our orchid show this year is canceled. We will have one next year the first weekend in April, 20222 at Berridge Nursery in Phoenix.

Tips For Beginners

If you are having difficulties with pests (mealy bug, aphids, scale or mites) on your plants try this homemade solution:


In one gallon of water mix:  1 pint of Isoprophy alcohol + 1 pint of Formula 409 + a few drops of dish soap.  Mix and spray.




                               For more information about the Desert Valley Orchid Society - email DesertValleyOrchid@gmail.com